Cleaning my house makes me appreciate the things I like

I spent Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday cleaning my house. This is not an exaggeration. The only time I didn’t spend cleaning was the hour I spent at Target being emotionally abused by my children. My house looks amazing today, but the whole cleaning bonanza had the unfortunately side effect of me being psychotic toward my kids about messes. “DO I SEE PUMPKIN MUFFIN CRUMBS ON THE FLOOR?” “WHY ARE THERE DROPS OF WATER ON THE TABLE?” “LEAVE YOUR SHOES OUTSIDE.”

I drew the line at forcing them to pee in the yard, but after installing a new toilet seat, I’m still considering it. Somehow, magically, neither boy pees on the seat. It Wasn’t Me pees on the seat a lot though, and he is on my last nerve. Once you unscrew an ancient screw that’s full of crystallized urine, you develop a new, deeper hatred for urine streams.

Anyway, all the cleaning — which included going through closets and cabinets and drawers and shelves — gave me a newfound appreciation for some of the things I like a lot lately.  So here they are, in no particular order. Anything you can buy on Amazon is an affiliate link because I like getting $10 gift cards four times a year. I use them to buy dog food.


Davines Love Curl shampoo. It’s an Italian brand it smells so good. My hairdresser recently jumped ship from Aveda and her new salon uses Davines and I literally squeed at her about it and she was shocked I even knew about the brand. Obscure, but awesome. (Amazon, $24)


Sugarbooger lunch box. I ordered this for my older son and he said it was “for babies” so he traded it with his little brother for what I thought was actually a much more babyish lunch box, but whatever. It’s so cute and huge so it fits those plastic containers that hold a sandwich and two sides. (Amazon, $17)


These shoes. They were $24 when I got them. I bought them in black after I wore the brown ones all over Chicago. I walked for about 7 miles in them. Perfect little heel for tall girls. (6pm, $43)


Method fall soap. Why are fall soap lines out in July? I do not know. But I love this one. It smells like a hug from a freshly washed man. I got mine at Target. (Method, $4)


This nail polish. Which appears to be on sale. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is such a cute summer shade. I think it wears well with basically everything ever. It’s bright without being neon. (Amazon, $6)


Interview with a 3-year-old

Haven’t done this in a couple of years.

What is something I always say to you?

“I don’t know. I love you?”

What makes me happy?

“Cuddling with me.”

What makes me sad?

“I don’t know. Mama. I do not know.”

How do I make you laugh?

“Tickling me.”

What do you think I was like as a child?


How old am I?

“I’ll give you a little number if you say that. Twelve.”

How tall am I?

“Really tall?”

What is my favorite thing to do?

“Cuddle with me?”

What do I do when you’re not around?

“Eat things with Auntie Meagn sometimes?”

If I become famous, what will it be for?

“For getting one million zillion dollars. I don’t know if that’s a number.”

What am I really good at?


What am I not really good at?

“Do you mean what I’m not very good at because I don’t know what you’re not really good at. I am not very good at sleeping.”

What is my job?

“To work.”

What is my favorite food?

“Can it be linguiça? That is my favorite too. Is that your favorite, Mama? What’s your favorite?”

What makes you proud of me?

“If you go to the gym. When you work. I mean when you exercise. Cause you do hard work, you know? I like when people do hard work.”

What makes me proud of you?

“When I clean my room.”

What do you and I do together?

“Again. Cuddle.”

How are we the same?

“Cause we have the same skin. The same color skin.”

How are you and I different?

“Cause you’re big and I’m little.”

How do you know that I love you?

“Cause I’m your kid.”

What is one thing you wish you could change about me?

“If we could be superheroes.”

What do you wish you could go and do with me?

“How about go to the ice cream place and have ice cream every single day.”



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