mama and baby day

The past week has been full of Mama and Baby Days. (You need to hear the song that goes with it to understand.) I started working again when S was 6 weeks old, but I worked a weird schedule so on Mondays we were always together. That was Mama and Baby Day. My husband’s been out of town for eight days and my work schedule is wonky, so this week I’ve had a lot more time with S.

It’s been pretty rad. We’ve been picnicking on the floor for breakfast and lunch, and we went on a date the other night. (Which turned out mostly-awful but at least I tried!)

I lost my temper with him this morning when he kicked me in the belly during his diaper change. So he went to time out for kicking Mama and Mama went to time out for yelling at him. It was a time out fiesta. Then we had waffles.

He’s playing quietly with a reading workbook right now. We’ve found that they’re his favorite things to go through because of the random jumbles of letters and illustrations.

It’ll be weird re-adjusting to being a unit of three. But I can’t wait for George to get home. S keeps telling me “No, Daddy’s working” when I tell him Daddy’s coming home today.

We’re painting the new baby’s room today. Crazy. Yesterday my mom and I were moving the bed in there, and S walked in and said “Hey! What are you guys doing?” Without so much as fudging a syllable. I have no idea where he picks this stuff up, but it cracks me up, and he loves making people laugh. So everybody wins.

Two nights ago I did my nightly check in and S woke up a little, so I wobbled to crouch in a hurry next to his crib. He spotted me, and instead of saying anything, he poked his mouth at the crib slats and gave me a kiss and then put his head back down and closed his eyes. I sparkled and floated off to bed and the belly!baby got the hiccups. I could feel his skinny back.

Little boys!

My kids break me into pieces every day. Thank you, dudes.

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