swelling with pride. or something.

After years of being snubbed, the University of Florida has finally landed “Top Party School” on the Princeton Review. Nice job, douchebags. Go Gators!

(I think it’s pretty funny, actually, but it kind of irks me when a genuinely good school gets press for silly boozing activities. Look, I’m wishywashy!)

Here’s something I have a strong opinion about: Storage.

Did you know that Target, Michael’s, Joanne’s, etc. have shitloads of sexy storage on sale thanks to the epic retail orgy known as Back to School? Storage is porn, guys. It is porn. I cannot purchase enough adorable bright-ly colored canvas doodads to keep my son’s bizarre toy collections and my obscene yarn stash and our other random shit in. Storage gives me a boner right in my pants. Especially modular storage that doesn’t say Sterilite on it. Also Target has a new Ikea-ripoff line called Itso and it makes me ache.

Go forth and organize.

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