a time to laugh, a time to weep

On Saturday, I walk for babies. I walk for Noah Riley. I walk for Madeline Alice. I walk for James Thomas and Jake David. I walk for Jack Kristopher. I walk for my Grandma’s firstborn baby Ryland, who died the day he was born. I walk for my Nana’s firstborn Salvatore, who died when he was four months old. I walk for the mothers who don’t have a community to support them or a voice to speak their pain and their loss.

I walk because I am thankful for my boys who were born healthy, who were born late and fat and happy. I want every mother to have that and every baby to have a fighting chance.

I am so honored to participate in the March for Babies with strong and talented women who I admire to the core of my being. I’m touched and thankful for the opportunity to honor the strong mothers and fathers who lost pieces of their hearts. Our team is Friends of Maddie!! and for many of us, it will be our chance to grieve together for the beautiful babygirl who means so much to so many. I know it sounds like a bad greeting card, but I mean it in my soul when I say that the love this community has shown in the past few weeks has absolutely renewed my faith in friendship and the Internet.

I am going to cry my butt off tomorrow.

I know just about anyone reading this has already reached out to support the March of Dimes. But if you’re up for helping me attempt to meet my goal in the next 24 hours or so, share the March for Babies with your friends, your family, your neighbors, your boss. I am going to knit a handmade purple scarf for one of my sponsors, drawn at random. (You can sponsor any amount to be eligible. And yes, I know winter is over. But I’m only “good” at knitting scarves and hats. Sigh.)

To all of those who have already reached out to sponsor me and the hundreds and hundreds of those walking. Thank you. I know everyone is tired of hearing it, but times are hard and it isn’t easy to part with income. Everyone’s generosity is absolutely stunning and so very uplifting.

Tomorrow I walk for babies, my heart ablaze with love and pain. Help us shine bright. Help us do something great.

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