Girl Talk Thursday: Favorite Childhood Books

I read constantly as a child.  It started with Bears, Boats, Balloons in preschool and escalated quickly from there.  I read at the dinner table.  I read in the bath tub.

I read in the swimming pool.  I read on the toilet. I read in the car until my head ached and in my bed until way past my bed time.

My reward for going to the dentist was always to stop by the used bookseller to pick up a new book. I loved books.

Here were some of my favorites:

The Critter Series Even though Critter’s mom is disturbingly modest, these books continue to speak to me.  I love that pissy little Critter.

The Bad News Ballet Series I only took ballet for like three months in Kindergarten, but I still loved this series.  Loved how it embraced some rag tag ballet outcasts.

The Little House Series I am still scared of what may or may not eat me in a forest as a result of these books.  Also, I want to eat a pig’s tail.  And sing Lazy Lousy Lizy Jane.

The Boxcar Children Series These are great for early readers.  I read them over and over and over.

Anne of Green Gables Series Oh I wanted red hair and a bosom friend so badly.

How to Eat Fried Worms Classic, awesome.

Walkabout That’s right, before Locke made it cool.

The Wheel on the School Enchanting, quiet, beautiful.  I adored this.

The Dragon King Trilogy I have strong memories around finishing this series while staying the night in my Grandpa’s trailer when I was little.  Also, the books were really good.  I think.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Can anything be more crushing than this book?  Seriously. (I had such a thing for survival-related novels.)

The Island Keeper I bought this in a used bookstore in Fairhaven, Massachusetts in the late 80’s.  Best. Book. Ever.

Julie of the Wolves This had some adult themes I didn’t understand the first time I read it.  But I loved it anyway.

Behind the Attic Wall Creepy!  Ghost story!  Orphan! Talking dolls!  Awesome!

The Fairy Rebel This book deals with infertility and fairies.  Very interesting and unusual.  I loved it.

The Indian in the Cupboard I think I read these 20 times.  No book movie has ever disappointed me as much as that movie did.

The Harper Hall Trilogy After reading an Anne McCaffrey short story in middle school, I devoured all of the Dragonriders of Pern books.  But these remained my favorites.

Inappropriate Grownup Books I Loved:

Lonesome Dove Call and Gus are my one true pairing. Five million points if you know what I mean.

The Mists of Avalon Awesome magic, awkward introduction to incest.

Phantom I had to buy this twice after the first copy fell in the pool.

Valley of the Horses Awesome survival stuff, awkward introduction to blowjobs.

I wish I still had all these.  What were your favorites?

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