I heart holiday cards

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Before I had kids, I used to send these insane and generally obscene holiday collage cards to my friends and in most cases not to my family.  I enjoyed it, but now that I have little ones it’s so much more fun sending holiday cards with pictures I’ve taken over the year.  It’s a great chance to show my kids off to family members who don’t see them often.  And I feel like it makes good use of my photography.

This year I think I’m going to go with this design:

(I cut our names off the bottom.)  I need to color correct my photos before I send them off to print, but I’m really happy with the design.  It was super difficult to choose.   They’ve got cool circular cards this year with a little ribbon and I almost decided on one of those because I love that you can hang it easily. (I always tape all my cards to the wall which looks cool but is vaguely insane.)

I guess some day we’ll have photos with the whole family done, but for now I prefer sticking behind the camera and staying off the card.  How about you?

Failed Interview with a Two-Year-Old (before he turns three)

if you want to view paradise

I took this picture yesterday.

And today I realized what it reminded me of.

Perhaps it is haircut time.  Or alternately, time to invest in a tiny top hat.

dream baby

Early in the morning, when I dozed back to sleep after waking up around 5 am, I had a dream about a baby girl. She had soft curls. I fought with the dream as I had it, resisting the details that didn’t make sense. What was her name? Why was I so happy to tell my friends, and why had I forgotten to tell them about being pregnant?

I rocked her in my childhood bedroom, running my face against her curls. Little baby, baby girl.

And I started to worry: Was she eating well? I needed to get my breast pump back! What was her name, what was her name?

And I woke up to the sound of my son calling, “Mama, mama!”


It took me about an hour to remember her, my dream baby, briefly loved very much.

My arms feel empty today, and I feel foolish for crying over something that never was, something I’ve learned to stop wanting.  (Because we don’t have room.  Because we’re moving into the world of parenting older kids.  Because I like getting rest.)  Because we fit, we work, the four of us, we’re complete.

Stop haunting me, dream baby.


I wonder though, if she’ll grow with me, with her brothers.  If those dreams will always be a gentle weight in my arms and a sleeping face and closed eyes, or if she’ll trot after me in hallways, wearing something frilly.  If she’ll follow me into a dressing room and she’ll look at me and want to be like me when she grows up, or if we’ll be hormonal at the same time, fighting and snappish, or if she’ll flounce by me in a wedding dress.

I wonder.


I thought if I waited a year or so maybe my kids would spontaneously enjoy meatloaf.  Also Moose stole like all my Boston Market meatloaf the other day so come on.  So this morning I grabbed ingredients and this afternoon I made the meatloaf, which involved squeezing sausage out of sausages which apparently is super gross but also strangely fun.

I adapted a few recipes for my hinky version, which goes as such:

Meatloaf Muffins

  • 1.5 pounds ground turkey
  • package of Italian sausage (spicy or mild)
  • yummy BBQ sauce
  • shredded sharp cheddar
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • salt
  • Ritz Crackers
  • 2 eggs
  • you could probably stick celery or onions in if you wanted, but why would you do that

Mash together the eggs, about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of BBQ sauce, the meat, a dash of salt, a dash of Worcestershire and about 3/4 a roll of Ritz Crackers all smooshed up.   Preheat oven to 375.  Actually, probably do that beforehand.  Also you might want to get the meat out a little while before you start so it isn’t ice cold and doesn’t screw up the cooking time.

Anyhow, put the mashed up gross-looking meat mixture in muffin tins.  I didn’t grease mine before hand but I think I should have.   Add a dollop of BBQ sauce to the top of each muffin.  Cook on 375 for 35 minutes or so.  When they’re done, stick them in for another 2 minutes with the shredded cheese on top to get it all melty and good.

Serve!  Immediately enjoy the way your ungrateful children refuse to eat them despite the fact that they’re A. yummy and B. adorable.  Relatedly, probably make some mashed potatoes too so your kids actually eat something.

stuff I like

It’s Friday, and Friday seems like a good day to talk about cool stuff in a totally not ulterior-motivated way.  In no order whatsoever, I present stuff I like:

1. Spotify.  I’ve been listening to music so much more often lately now that I have Spotify installed.  Are you on there?  What’s your username.  I can add you and spam you with music.  If you’re on there and you can use little Spotify URL things, you seriously need to listen to this pretty song and this pretty song.  You’re welcome.

2.  Music.  Speaking of music, I splurged on tickets to 97X Next Big Thing 11 last month and I’m ridiculously excited about it.  I love a ton of the bands, and I’ve been listening to the ones I didn’t know before, and I haven’t been to an all-day concert in ages.

3. Community.  This show, this show.  I can’t get over how smart and fun the writing is, and how lovingly people’s faults are portrayed.  It can be biting, but it’s never mean.  When the pilot aired, I never imagined the show would evolve into the comedy masterpiece it is now.  I’m sure it’ll get cancelled in like ten minutes now because that’s what happens to every show I love.

4.  Cereal.  Man, I love breakfast cereal.

5.  My shampoo.  I’ve been using Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioner and it makes my head smell like flowers.  Since I’m growing my hair out, I basically need every cheap thrill possible to not get bored and chop it all off again.  I keep thinking about Zoey Deschanel and how one day, in like five kazillion years, I too can have her obscenely cute hair.