Hey did you build that bike for that baby?

I know I don’t usually write about product-y stuff, but I’ve had so many people ask me about this thing I’m going to share it with you guys.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a kid thing as much as I love Moose’s balance bike.  I almost got it for him for his birthday in November, but we decided to go with Christmas instead.  On Christmas morning, he was already riding it around my mom’s street, and within a week, he’d completely figured out how to haul ass and lift up his feet and glide.

He’s three!  It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Apparently these balance bike things are big in Europe, but they’re not that common in my area yet.  Wherever we go, everyone wants to know where we got it and how it works. We bought the Smart Gear Classic balance bike when it was on sale on Amazon for $60.  Looks like it’s $72 right now. (That’s an affiliate link.  Just delete the REF part of the link if you’re not into affiliate links when you shop on Amazon.)  It took George about half an hour to put it together, and we’re super happy with it.  Actually super happy doesn’t come close to putting into words how much it gives me stupidfaced delight to watch Moose fly around on this little bike.  And he loves it.  He wants to bring it everywhere.

Since it’s very light and has a helpful little handle, we take it to playgrounds where he can ride around on sidewalks and basketball courts.  We took it to a city park on Saturday and he rode it from the parking lot to the playground easily.

We use a Bell Fraction helmet.  I’m going to be picking up knee and elbow guards when I can because he’s being such a daredevil with it (including riding it at a BMX park already.)  Definitely look into a good wee helmet if you get one of these, because your kid can really get moving on it.  Like full on super speed.

If you get the Bell helmet, measure your kids head and look up the sizes in the comments in the reviews.  They have some removable-changeable padding to help make it snug, but you definitely want to get the right size.

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