5 ways to reap the benefits of moving without, you know, moving

I could say just pick up some unwieldy things and haul them around and inject some dust into your face and avoid sleeping entirely for days at a time, but I’m talking about the positive parts of moving. Once you get through all the utter suck, you actually end up with some majorly cool life changes. you don’t need to upend and move your entire family to reap the benefits of moving. Try these things:

  1. Get rid of a quarter of your clothes. Go through your closets and drawers. Go through your spouse’s stuff. Go through your kids stuff. Pretend like you ABSOLUTELY MUST GET RID OF THINGS. No more sentimental bullshit. If you must, imagine those insensitive jerks from that fashion makeover show destroying your self esteem and wardrobe. Do what you have to do, but seriously fill up some trash bags for your favorite charity. Once you load that stuff to your car and unload it to someone who needs it you’re going to feel so much better. And your closet will look awesome.
  2. Clean your filing cabinets and paperwork. What the hell are you still holding into that product warranty from 2007 for? It expired. Three years ago. Get out your electronic label maker (no shame) and re-label your filing cabinet folders. Trash the things you don’t need. Scan things you don’t want to lose or you’re not sure you need or not. Get the most important documents over to a safe deposit box or at least toss copies of them into one. It will probably take you an entire day, but that day will result in years of finally being rid of a bunch of junk paper that was just collecting dust. Also, you’ll feel better knowing you didn’t misplace your marriage license, passports and birth certificates. Phew.
  3. Reorder your bookshelves. Be a hipster like me and arrange your bookshelves by color. Or be efficient and reorder them alphabetically or by genre or the Dewy Decimal System. Give away books you don’t touch anymore. This goes for your kids’ books too. If you have ten-year-olds and you’re hanging onto Goodnight Moon, it’s time to find a doctor’s office or preschool that will love that more than your big kids will. This is the part where you dust, too. Don’t worry, the dust bunnies won’t bite you. Much.
  4. Make some tiny decorative changes. Keep an eye on sales sites or clearance racks at your local Target for a few little items that seriously will change the look of your room. A throw rug, new lamp shade or accent item can go a long way, and you don’t have to spend big bucks. Let the sales come to you. It’s like fishing… for style. Or something. Change out curtains if you find a good deal. While you’re at it, rearrange some furniture. Put your headboard on another wall or move the couch. Voila! Your room looks totally different.
  5. Have a garage sale. You know that poker chip set you’ve had in storage for three years? Sell it. The same goes for the other stuff that’s been gathering dust in your garage and closets. Post a notice on Craigslist and pick up some signs and be prepared to get your stuff into the driveway by like 7 am. Bring a radio or paperback book out with you and sell some stuff for approximately 97% less than what you think it’s worth. Even if you sell a few things for a dollar each, you’re basically letting someone pay you to clear out your storage spaces. It’s a win. Good luck!

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