Operation Get Outside This Summer

Last summer we didn’t spend enough time enjoying where we live.  I don’t know if it was getting stuck in a rut or what, but this summer I really want to enjoy our backyard, back porch, the parks around our neighborhood and the beach.  Having a child with Sensory Processing Disorder has really given me insight into play as therapy, so when I get the boys outside and moving, I feel like I’m giving him “free” therapy.  If you saw the price tag on Occupational Therapy, you’d be psyched about this too.

Swing Set

That’s why we invested in a swing set for our huge back yard at our new rental home.  We plan on living here for a long time, so it was worth it.  Also, I didn’t have to put it together so… bonus.  Yesterday, Chipmunk figured out how to use the boogie board attachment and I had one of those seriously about to cry over something silly moments.  With Chipmunk, who can’t pump a swing yet and only recently figured out how to put a shirt on (he’s 6) these “ah ha” moments are a huge deal.  I’m super psyched about the dual swings (even if the kids have already figured out how to battle on them) and the slide.  Neither is up for monkey bars yet, but we’ll get there.

Parks and Bikes and Swimming

The local splash park is my go-to for hot summer mornings.  We don’t even attempt it in the afternoons.  But I’m hoping to broaden our park horizons more this summer, generally in the early mornings and evenings because it seriously gets murder-hot in Florida during the day starting in about… two days.  Since both boys now ride bikes, more or less, this will be our first summer where we can haul the bikes out to parks with trails and areas to ride.  I’m thinking of picking up a bike for myself for cheapo on Craigslist.  I guess I’d need to get a helmet too.  It’s been so long since I rode a bike I don’t even know.

My parents have a pool and I’m looking to enlist Moose in swim lessons so he can catch up to Chipmunk and they can start playing superheroes in the pool.  By which I mean they can continue attempting to drown each other.  Like swinging and bouncing, swimming is an amazing form of “free therapy” for kids with SPD and really any kid who gets wound up and needs to get all the sillies out.  I mean, all the health benefits aside, it’s like the best way ever to ensure your kids will go to sleep.

What are your summer goals for the kids?  Like, remembering how to read aside.



  1. twomakesfour says:

    Oh lord. Goals? I hope not to die from being pregnant in the middle of summer YET AGAIN, this time while trying to keep up with not two, but THREE small kids AND being two years older. Why do I do this to myself???

  2. Piper did swimming lessons Jan – Mar and learned to swim (barely) so we want to get her swimming as often as possible too.  We have a lot of travel planned – some with all of us, some with just three of us, and some with just Adam and I.  I want to take advantage of being able to work from anywhere AND of Adam’s summer’s off.  That said: this kid is ridiculously stressful right now so dropping her off at the sitter is the best part of my day right now.  We’ll see how the summer shakes out.

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