that whole kindergarten thing

From getting into the school we desperately wanted to landing a teacher who meshed incredibly well with Chipmunk to a class full of the absolute sweetest little kids you could want your child around, Kindergarten went a lot better than I expected.  When your kids start real school for the first time, it’s far more stressful than what you expect during those baby days when everything is so immediate and tiny and poopy.  Getting ready for school nearly drove me over the edge with all the IEP stuff and allergy-fretting and just me fretting in general like its my job.

But dude, my kid.  He loved school from start to finish.  The structured but very busy arts-focused environment was perfect for him.  The drive across town didn’t make us crazy (although he will be taking the bus next year now that I’m confident in his ability to function and follow directions.)  He grew about a million inches and developed a lot of broader interests (particularly in people farting, getting married, marrying toilets, being toilet-heads and saying “what the!”).  He made friends and tolerated me chaperoning a lot of field trips and participated in two whole plays by standing completely still and eyeing the audience suspiciously.

August 2011

June 2012

Kindergarten?  Pwned.

I just can’t believe how great it’s gone and how lucky I am to know this kid.

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