things I’ve been doing

Long-time readers may have noticed a major lull in activity over here.  It’s a combination of things.  For one, my kids are getting older. Chipmunk is six now. The other day, he saw me typing and said, “ARE YOU PUTTING WHAT I AM DOING ON THE INTERNET?” So… there’s that. I’m not always comfortable sharing his struggles and all the little things he does.

Sometimes that’s a cop-out too.  Or I’m just on Twitter.

And me?  I’ve felt increasingly introverted when it comes to talking about myself.  Everything I want to say sounds like intense, flowery navel gazing in my head and makes me want to set my keyboard on fire.  Overall, I’m doing very well.  I’m happy most of the time.  My anxiety is at a steady, low enough buzz that I’m managing it. But then I have these moments of weird identity-crisis spaz out where I look at myself in the mirror and I can’t reconcile what I see with how I feel.  So, there’s also that.

But let’s talk about writing!  Another reason I’ve been absent is that I’m writing a lot for various channels on, and I’ve been writing a book.  My novella, SUNBLOOD, was released last month.  But I’d written it a few years ago and only recently edited it.  Since April, I’ve been working on a full length YA novel. I finished my rough draft this week and look forward to sinking into an utter wormhole of editing until I feel comfortable seeking representation with an agent.

Gulp!  An agent!  I’m nervous about that, of course, and I waver between feeling vaguely confident and feeling like a big ol’ fake.  The only solution is to carry on, revise, learn to take criticism gracefully and keep on swimming.

I’m going to try to blog here more often.  I miss this space.

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