February PopSugar Must Have Box – a “review”

Ever since I cancelled Birchbox (sadly, it started sucking pretty hard), I’ve been craving getting presents in the mail. I’m trying really hard not to be such a consumer and to drop my retail therapy habit but dude, getting presents and packages in the mail makes me really happy, so whatever.¬† I signed up for PopSugar’s Must Have box which is definitely pricier at $35, but with REFERFRIENDS it’s $30 and guys seriously, I can rationalize anything so don’t expect me to make actual sense out of this. I’m a stressed out lady! I WANT PRESENTS IN THE MAIL.

February PopSugar Must Have Box Spoilers:

My first box came today, right in time for Valentine’s Day. This happens to be my first single Valentine’s Day in 14 years so yes, I want stupid shit in the mail, thanks. Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I habitually WTF about Nicholas Sparks novels and movies, which honestly is probably 90% jealousy of this dudes prolific writing skills and success and 10% seriously how many of these similarly plotted romances can you pull off, dude? Gag. So of course the first thing in the box is:

safe haven by Nicholas SparksSafe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, value: $6.28

You got me, universe. Next! I was pretty excited about this one because chocolate. BECAUSE CHOCOLATE.


MarieBelle cocao nibs, estimated value: $10

I thought this next thing was lotion and the packaging definitely reminds me of things my mom owned in the 1980’s, but it’s honestly a pretty useful product considering I do not own any jewelry cleaner and I do own jewelry although let’s just say bitches get things done and one of my key pieces of jewelry is now a pendant and not a ring. Ahem.


Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel, value: $8

This is a fluffy, silly addition to the box but I’m not complaining about it because I really love candy hearts. Especially the purple ones and definitely not the yellow ones. I’m conditioned to think yellow candy is going to taste like banana ass.


Sweethearts message hearts box, value: $.50

This was by far my favorite item in the box. I love makeup, even though I don’t wear much of it. I’m always looking for stains that don’t make me look like Cruella DeVille. This stuff is called a “balm stain” which seems to be the perfect mix between too-dry balms and too-sticky glosses. It goes on silky, almost like a lotion, with no hint of stickiness. It is minty but not overly or painfully minty. The shade I received is honey, which is a really pale pink. It makes me curious how the darker colors look. I will purchase this again.

popsugar_lipstickRevlon Just Bitten Kissable in honey, value: $9

Now we get into the meat of this month’s box. And by meat I mean a thong. Whee! I don’t actually wear thongs often but I think they’re good to have around for tight pants and nookie. This one was one size fits all which seemed shady to me, but it has a ton of stretch and it’s really soft. I think it really would fit anyone except particularly small people. I think it would just fall off of someone tiny. Luckily my ass is not tiny. I have it on my ass right now and it’s super comfortable and I really like the color.

popsugar_thongHanky Panky  original thong, value: $20

The final item in the box is a “spa wrap” which I’ll admit I’m kind of disappointed about. It’s really soft and lovely but I’m just not the kind of girl who wanders around wrapped in a finicky bathroom wrap. I guess I will become that girl when my boys get a little older and they’re more stressed out when Mama’s standing naked in the bathroom blowdrying her hair but until then I’ll stick with a. naked or b. a towel, like ya do. Evidently this is a couture sort of line of clothing that people get really excited about, but it didn’t have any elements that seemed particularly expensive and the wrap didn’t have the pretty satin ribbon or satin lining pictured on the website, so. Meh. (It really is ridiculously soft though.)


Brokedown Clothing spa wrap: Value $84

Overall rating for this box?

I’d give it a 6 out of 10. It’s fun but it didn’t blow me away. I’ll continue my subscription but the wrap and book have already been packaged as a gift to someone else. That’s actually my favorite part of subscription boxes. I love giving away the stuff I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it. (My 2012 Birchboxes almost single handedly made up my little sister’s Christmas stocking.) As far as value goes, it definitely exceeds the $30 I paid for it. While I think the retail price of the wrap is ridiculous, the box value does total at around $137.

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