I need someone to tell me helpful things about getting rid of ovarian cysts

reproductiveSo I had surgery back in September of 2011 for a 5+cm ovarian cyst on my right ovarian thanks to it being symptomatic and growing. Since then I’ve had one more smaller cyst that slowly inflated on its own, early in 2012. I’ve been in pain and uncomfortable for a few weeks and figured it was nothing, since my gyno didn’t feel anything at my annual only like 10 days ago, but apparently it’s SOMETHING since my radiology report finally got to my primary doc (long story) and I have a 3.5 cyst on the right AND a 2.5 cyst on the left. (It doesn’t seem like a lot of cyst until you add them together.) I’m assuming they’re simple cysts but the radiologist didn’t put that on the report. So.

My surgeon/gyno can’t see me until Wednesday. I’m hoping the u/s tech there will be able to take a look and tell me a little more about the placement and whether the big one is leaking, which could be a source of the pain. Earlier on, I was told the next step would be to remove the offending (right) ovary. But now that there’s a not insignificant cyst on BOTH, I don’t even know. My treatment for the past two years, including the past 9 months that I haven’t needed birth control, has been birth control (mononessa). You’re not supposed to get these things on birth control. You’re far less likely to get them if you’ve had babies or breastfed. So I’m kind of at the end of my rope here.

My symptoms at the moment are pain (on the right), bloating, feeling of fullness, difficulty going to the bathroom, having to pee all the time, mild nausea and really sore boobs. Basically my stupid body thinks I’m early pregnant at this point, so it’s a lot of those fun symptoms. Whee!

I can’t begin to explain how disappointed and frustrated I am. My surgery wasn’t horrible in 2011 but it was pretty bad. I react to anesthesia and pain meds in an enormously pukey way. I really don’t want to do it again, especially knowing it’s a temporary fix. Oh and the last one cost me $5,000. Out of pocket.

I’m going to make an acupuncture appointment next week. Beyond that, I’d love to know any success stories about getting rid of ovarian cysts or how yours magically went away or anything that’ll keep me from completely losing my mind.



  1. I had several very bad cysts, bad enough that they thought two of them were appendicitis. I was put on birth control pills and they went away (well, after a week of lying on my back and not moving much because they hurt so much!). I am on the generic version of Seasonale at this point, which is a period-every-three-months pill, and have had no problems with them. I had at least one (non-painful) cyst while we were trying to get pregnant, which I only know because it showed up on ultrasounds and such, but we didn’t actually (and, it turns out, can’t) get pregnant, so I have no idea if pregnancy/breastfeeding would have helped.

    I know it doesn’t help much, but I do hope yours go away without surgery. They’re pretty awful.

    • Maria Melee says:

      I’ve been on four different pills and I wish I knew which would help the most. The problem is pills like Seasonale are generally awful for people with anxiety (I was on a similar pill and honestly thought i was going to lose my mind.)

      Thanks dude.

  2. I have nothing valuable to add, just wanted to say thank you for this, because it gave me a total “whoa” moment about some symptoms I’ve been having, including terrible abdominal pain that sent me to the ER in the middle of my last cycle. I have no idea if I actually have an ovarian cyst, but I’m hoping my docs will be able to help me figure out what’s up.

    Praying that you find a solution to your problem, and soon, because that sounds horrible!

  3. Obvious question is obvious, but do you have PCOS– Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome?

  4. I have never commented before, but felt I should on this post. Last August I went for my annual and had a little pain on the left side. Long story short they found an 8+ cm cyst on the left side, I also had endometriosis, I told my gyn. to take it all out. By the time I had surgery in Dec. I had suffered through 3 other smaller cysts rupture (unspeakably painful) and I am also alergic to almost all pain killers. My cyst had grown to over 600 cc’s of fluid, (I wanted to know how much fluid that was and was told about 60 cc’s =1 cup). I have never been so happy to have surgery, and I can not tell you how incredible I feel since I had my hysterectomy, and I am only 40. Yes the hormones are dangerous and I am looking for a more natural substitute. But I have never been more happy in bed and out! Good luck!

    • Maria Melee says:

      Since they were in there for the surgery two years ago, they were able to tell me that I don’t have endometriosis. (Which surprises me, cause my mom did.)

      I’m so sorry you went through this. The idea of a hysterectomy scares me right now but I definitely don’t rule out the idea of it in the long term.

  5. I have nothing to add, but I wanted to say I love you and have your back always. <3

  6. After having my right ovary removed in 2011 with an 8cm cyst that wouldn’t resolve…I did some research on how to control them…didn’t want to lose the left one! Doc said I may have a year based on my track record for growing cysts: 2 years later and cyst free…Without taking pills…cause they make me crazy too! How? Totally removed all estrogen producing food and chemicals from my diet – no soy! No parabens! Exercise. That’s it…two years free.

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