Makeup Monday “Winner”

I am not organized enough or patient enough to deal with actual giveaways around here but I drew a winner from the Makeup Monday participants and I’m going to be mailing a goody bag of stuff from various Ipsy and PopSugar boxes. Here are the participant posts from Makeup Monday. I had so much fun reading these and doing this. Lately I’ve learned more about beauty stuff and makeup than I’ve known my whole life (despite having done stage makeup all throughout high school.) Thank you guys so much for playing along!

  1. Makeup Monday! Kinda
  2. Makeup Monday: Mascara
  3. Makeup Monday – Mascara Roundup
  4. Rage balls, Makeup Monday: Starting a Collection, and being in.
  5. Makeup Monday: Lips
  6. Makeup Monday: Attack of the lip stuff
  7. Makeup Monday: Lip Edition, and Kera Breaks the Fourth Wall
  8. Makeup Monday–The Eyeshadows, Plus My New Favorite Trick
  9. Makeup Monday: Nails
  10. Makeup Monday – All the Rest
  11. Makeup Monday, er Tuesday
  12. Makeup Monday (err, Tuesday)

The winner was Ginger! But I want to thank you all so much for playing along and for sharing photos on Instagram too. Continue to teach me about makeup, dudes.




  1. This was fun…in fact, I may keep doing makeup posts from time to time. I hate that I only had time to do two of them.

  2. This was definitely fun and got me out of my rut. I like how me and another blogger titled our posts almost identically!

  3. This was seriously some of the most fun I had all May, so thanks again for doing it!

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