A towel with sleeves


My soon-to-be 6-year-old hates getting out of the tub because he doesn't like to be cold. I dry him as fast as I can, but he still freaks out. The other day he saw a Critter book with Critter in a robe. "HE HAS A TOWEL WITH SLEEVES!" Ever since then, … [Continue reading]

Second son


It took me a while to catch on the fact that Moose is pretty smart. Growing up alongside a brother who began talking at 10 months old and mastered full, adult-like sentences before 2 means being plain old smart doesn't get noticed. I felt like a dick … [Continue reading]

Princess hair


I'm pretty vain about my hair. After cutting it very very short about three and a half (?) years ago, I've been growing it out. At first, it was because my then-husband said he didn't like it. I immediately decided to grow it out, hoping that would … [Continue reading]


I've been growing my nails out since August of 2013. That's also when I quit coffee and started working out, and I keep swearing it was just a few months ago. But it's well over a year ago now. Working out hasn't been as consistent as I'd like. I'm … [Continue reading]

Early to rise

This is the first year I've been really excited about Daylight Savings Time. I don't like it in the evenings when the shadows come creeping too soon, but I like how it makes me feel like an accomplished, responsible adult when I'm ready for bed at … [Continue reading]

Phoning this one in

Painted for the entire weekend. Chipmunk asked, "Did you SLEEP?" They loved the ways the walls looked tonight when their dad dropped them off and they got a sneak peek before we headed home to pass out. I continue to be utterly touched by the group … [Continue reading]