Today you are six


My Maxy-Moose, today you are six. You false-started into the world a few days before 11/18/2008, sending me to Labor and Delivery not once but twice.  On the 17th, I dropped your brother off at Grammy and Papa's and had a light dinner and chatted … [Continue reading]

On failure

I didn't write last night because I sat down with my kids and watched Willow and folded so much laundry it no-shit took me the entire movie to finish. And I didn't even have time to put it away. When I went to bed at the same time the kids did, I … [Continue reading]

A towel with sleeves


My soon-to-be 6-year-old hates getting out of the tub because he doesn't like to be cold. I dry him as fast as I can, but he still freaks out. The other day he saw a Critter book with Critter in a robe. "HE HAS A TOWEL WITH SLEEVES!" Ever since then, … [Continue reading]

Second son


It took me a while to catch on the fact that Moose is pretty smart. Growing up alongside a brother who began talking at 10 months old and mastered full, adult-like sentences before 2 means being plain old smart doesn't get noticed. I felt like a dick … [Continue reading]

Princess hair


I'm pretty vain about my hair. After cutting it very very short about three and a half (?) years ago, I've been growing it out. At first, it was because my then-husband said he didn't like it. I immediately decided to grow it out, hoping that would … [Continue reading]


I've been growing my nails out since August of 2013. That's also when I quit coffee and started working out, and I keep swearing it was just a few months ago. But it's well over a year ago now. Working out hasn't been as consistent as I'd like. I'm … [Continue reading]