this is a post about balls

I'm not in an awesome head space. I told my therapist that this entire experience (divorce grief?) feels like a marathon, and I guess I've settled into a quiet, down part of it. She told me I seemed sadder than I've been and for the first time … [Continue reading]

I need someone to tell me helpful things about getting rid of ovarian cysts


So I had surgery back in September of 2011 for a 5+cm ovarian cyst on my right ovarian thanks to it being symptomatic and growing. Since then I've had one more smaller cyst that slowly inflated on its own, early in 2012. I've been in pain and … [Continue reading]

Article Roundup, July 10-18: Porn, summer, toxins, transgender rights and dry skin


It's been a weird week. I spent the weekend helping my friend clean her house to procrastinate cleaning my own house. We got tacos but outside of that didn't do anything particularly interesting. I blame the bad weather. I spray painted an alligator … [Continue reading]

Makeup Monday “Winner”


I am not organized enough or patient enough to deal with actual giveaways around here but I drew a winner from the Makeup Monday participants and I'm going to be mailing a goody bag of stuff from various Ipsy and PopSugar boxes. Here are the … [Continue reading]

Article Roundup, July 3-9: Speech, babies, birthdays, vaginas and boys


I'm still struggling to find my comfort zone on my blog. At times, I've been ridiculously candid here. Lately, I'm having a hard time being that open. Actually, I'm even having a hard time being that open with my new therapist. I think I feel this … [Continue reading]

New York City is a fairy tale

New York City is a fairy tale. From the moment it rises on the hazy horizon from your foggy airplane window, it’s a living thing. I crouched with my son on the observation platform at the top of Rockefeller Center and whispered, “Listen, can you hear … [Continue reading]