New Year’s Quiz 2013


Six years doing this year-end recap thanks to Sundry's inspiration! I'm purposefully not reading last year's because I cringe just thinking about the enormously screwed up headspace I was in. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Let's do this … [Continue reading]

State of the me

Every time I think about blogging I get this choked up feeling in my belly, like my bowels are cartoonishly crumpling together. Do you know what I mean? Like when cartoon cars smash and adorably fold together? It's like that but less adorable. Why am … [Continue reading]

tunnel vision

My son is seven and a half. Which means I’ve spent six years being aware that he’s different. His different-ness has had many labels. He’s one of those alphabet soup kids, and at seven, I still don’t really know exactly which letters make up his … [Continue reading]

Article Roundup, July 19 – August 1: Toxic fumes, Dickens, Thrifting and Teens


I'm so over my PMS symptoms. I spent an entire 10 or so days feeling like I couldn't cope with the universe or anything ever at all, and now that I'm menstruating I'm like eh, cramps suck, but I can handle anything! We'll see how I feel about this … [Continue reading]

this is a post about balls

I'm not in an awesome head space. I told my therapist that this entire experience (divorce grief?) feels like a marathon, and I guess I've settled into a quiet, down part of it. She told me I seemed sadder than I've been and for the first time … [Continue reading]

I need someone to tell me helpful things about getting rid of ovarian cysts


So I had surgery back in September of 2011 for a 5+cm ovarian cyst on my right ovarian thanks to it being symptomatic and growing. Since then I've had one more smaller cyst that slowly inflated on its own, early in 2012. I've been in pain and … [Continue reading]