About Maria

maria_mora_headshotAfter graduating from the University of Florida in 2002, Maria Mora did what most English majors do:  She disregarded everything she’d learned and jumped into the world of Internet marketing and digital media.

She’s been blogging in various spaces since 2001, back when the cool kids were all on Livejournal.

In 2008, she left the corporate world to pursue a freelance writing career and began this blog to keep in touch with other adult humans. Today, Maria carefully juggles her freelance writing career and occasional fiction writing while single parenting her two young sons.

Chipmunk is 8 and Moose is 6.

At work

  • Associate Parenting Editor and contributing writer at SheKnows, featured on the Parenting, Living, Home, Pets, Shopping, How-To and Health channels, with over 300 articles published to date.
  • Seen on Cafe Mom, Walmart.com, Orbitz.com, SexIs Magazine, Sarasota Mommy Magazine, and MyMove.com.
  • Maria Melee has been featured on Blog Nosh Magazine, Indie Ink, the Lakeland Ledger, the Good News Now network, Tampa Bay Times and SouthernLiving.com
  • Provides web copy and marketing content for small businesses on a limited basis
  • Composes well-researched, engaging voiceover scripts for video content with a focus on the tourism and travel industry